English Summary

We welcome you to a unique festival of meditative music across genres. The main venue is the very special Tanum Mediaeval Church in Bærum. There are also concerts in Snarøya Church and Jar Church in Bærum and Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo.

Although talks and presentations will be in Scandinavian languages, and although the current web site does not present the concerts in depth in English, most parts of the program will be very accessible for non-Norwegians.

World-class artists will perform Bach, Valen, Pärt, lyrical jazz, folk music, hymns and intriguing improvisations; all selected with the aim of exploring the different aspects of what can be called 'meditative' qualities in music.


Here is a brief presentation of what you can experience, even without understanding Norwegian:

Hear internationally acclaimed Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch as he does a rare solo recital in Norway with his unique approach to 'zen funk' - a captivating and extremely virtuos building of musical layers and stringent beauty.

Hear organist Maria Hansli perform organ works by Olivier Messiaen in dialogue with piano improvisations by Tord Gustavsen. They are followed by a large-scale project called "New Rituals", in which bassist and composer Christian Meaas Svensen is joined by his Nakama Quartet and the Rinsai Zen Choir in a work based on sutra chants.

Experience renowned folk singer Kim Rysstad bring ancient Norwegian devotional chants to life, accompanied by the astonishing creative trumpet player Arve Henriksen and Tord Gustavsen on piano. Free improvisations and old chants and hymns in a fresh collaboration.

Indulge in intriguing solo piano music with pianist Annabel Guaita as she explores the meditative and soothing qualities of seemingly "difficult" contemporary music by Farten Valen and Arnold Schönberg, in dialogue with the tender minimalism of Arvo Pärt and dense beauty of J.S. Bach.

Take part in both liturgical evening meditations and word-free meditations in the church. 

Experience south Sami-singer and songwriter Marja Mortensson performing in a near-extinct language - fascinating sounds and captivating melodies in a chamber-world-music-jazz amalgam that sounds surprisingly natural and organic; chanting coupled with lyrical tuba and string quartet.

And, not least, experience the nature around the medieval church - a meditation in itself. 

With this festival we expand the notion of 'church music'. And we boldly question the separation between music as 'art for arts sake' and music for meditation or even therapy. 

Contact us at tord@tordg.no for more information about the program and how to get tickets, or how to become a festival volunteer.