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English Summary

We welcome you to a unique festival of meditative music across genres. The main venue is the very special Tanum Mediaeval Church in Bærum outside Oslo.

Although talks and presentations will be in Scandinavian languages, most parts of the program will be very accessible for non-Norwegians.

World-class artists will perform music from Gregorian chants via lyrical jazz, Indian ragas, Norwegian folk music, to contemporary classical music; hymns and intriguing improvisations; all selected with the aim of exploring the different aspects of what can be called 'meditative' qualities in music. 

Artists such as the leading Estonian choir Vox Claimants, Indian pianist Utsav Lal, legendary guitarist Eivind Aarset, actress Juni Dahr, saxophonists Tore Brunborg and Trygve Seim; and pianist Tord Gustavsen will perform during concerts and liturgical meditations.

With this festival, we expand the notion of 'church music'. And we boldly question the separation between music as 'art for arts sake' and music for meditation or even therapy. 

Free shuttle transportation is available from the easily accessible train station in Sandvika upon request.

Contact us at for more information about the program and how to get tickets, or how to become a festival volunteer..

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